The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you’re familiar with eyes and windows, then you will know that they can come in many colors and tints.

Most people will see brown eyes, blue eyes, or hazel eyes. But, sometimes, luck or a medical condition can cause some people to have unusual and unique eye colors. What are the rarest and most unusual eye colors, and how does it happen?

The Rarest Eye Colors and Why They Are So Common


Eye Color Cause(s).
Black A lot of melanin
Red/Pink Blood leaking into the Iris: Albinism and albinism
Amber A small amount of melanin and a lot of lipochromes
Green A little melanin, some lipochrome, and Rayleigh scattering light
Violet Low pigment combined with light reflecting off red blood vessels
Heterochromia The iris’s pigmentation can be increased or decreased.


Did You Know?

Only 2% of the global population has green eyes. Talk about rare! Let this remarkable fact be known next time you spot someone sporting natural greens.

Then, which is the most Unique?

There is no way to tell which eye color you are most rare. But if your eyes have been affected by any of the listed colors, know that they are rare. This is not a complete list; if your eye color makes it onto the list, congratulations!

Black Eyes

Ever see someone with black eyes? Although they look black, their eyes are a very dark brown. This is due to a lot of melanin. It is possible only to see the pupil when you look at the eye in bright light.

Red/Pink Eyes

Two conditions are responsible for a reddish or pinkish color in the eyes. Although albinos tend to have very light blue eyes because they lack pigment, certain forms of albinism may cause the eyes to turn pink or red.

Amber Eyes

This beautiful, golden-colored eye color is frequently confused with hazel. There is a difference between amber and brown eyes. Amber eyes are more uniform, have more browns, greens, and solid colors. Eyes of this color can almost appear glowing with just a bit of melanin and a lot of lipochrome. Although this eye color is common in some animals, it’s rare for humans.

Green Eyes

You can get various green shades by adding a little melanin, some lipochrome, or Rayleigh scattering of light from the yellow stroma. It is very rare as only two percent of the world’s population has green eyes.

Violet Eyes

What a beautiful purplish blue! This color is more common in those with albinism. You cannot have violet eyes if you don’t have albinism. This beautiful violet is created when you combine a lack of pigment with the light reflecting off the blood vessels in your eyes.


This is not a color set but a rare condition in which either one of the following can be observed:

  • One iris has a different color from the other (David Bowie!) Or
  • Due to differences in pigmentation, there may be a spot on an iris that is completely different from the rest.

This is a rare type of eye color that some people have. While many people use contacts to match their eye color, I find it beautiful and should be celebrated!

What Is the Factor that Determines Your Eye Color?

It is often claimed that this is due to genetics. Although many theories, we still don’t know much about the genes that affect eye color. We know that rare eyes are recessive, so it may just be a matter of two people having the right genes to produce the phenomenon.

We know that eye color is determined by two pigments. This includes how the iris scatters light and melanin (brown pigment). Lipochrome (a yellow pigment). A person with blue eyes means that there is no melanin (or brown pigmentation).

“We all started with brown eyes. However, a genetic mutation in OCA2 in our chromosomes caused us to develop a “switch,” which literally ‘turned off the ability to produce brown eyes.”

Professor Hans Eiberg at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine University of Copenhagen

Did We All Have Brown Eyes, or Not?

The belief is that the human race began with brown eyes and then evolved other colors through genetic mutations. This may explain why brown is so popular (but no less beautiful).

Many people with perfect vision wear contacts to get a unique eye color if you are one of these people, congratulations!

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