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Awesome Fidget Toys that Can Help With Anxiety

Here are the best gadgets both for children and adults that can be used to give you a sense of calm.

Fidget spinners used to be all the rage just a few short years ago. Although that trend caused some injuries, fidget spinners are no longer the most popular. However, they are still very much in fashion with children and adults who want to relieve their anxiousness and calm down.

These gadgets, toys, and pieces of jewelry have been especially useful during the pandemic, which has caused so many uncertainties, says Jennifer Rothman LCSW, who is a special-needs child advocate. “Unpredictability is what makes anxiety thrive, and there’s a lot of it right now!” She said. She said, “Finding calming techniques and ways to manage stress is even harder. And tactile input can be extremely soothing.”

Anyone who has ever tried to grab a zipper from their hoodie or jangled coins in their pockets knows that having a physical object to focus on can help transfer anxious energy from the brain to the fingers. “Fidgeting with an object often requires the use of both hands,” points out occupational therapist Melissa Putterman. “Bringing your hands in line with your body’s midline automatically requires the use of both your right and left brains.” The repetitive rhythmic movements of a fidget can result in slower breathing and calmer overall.

When choosing a fidget toy for your child, avoid sharp edge and pinch points, advises Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist and Director of Engineering for the Good Housekeeping Institute. She believes safety and durability are key. “It is also important to understand the child’s behavior and inclinations to find a toy that suits them.” It would help if you always verify the recommended age. Do not give small parts that are easily swallowable.

Here are few products suggested by experts and readers for when you need some calm.

Simpl Dimpl

The colorful silicone toy can easily be slipped into your bag or kid’s backpack. This toy is loved for its addictive pop action, which keeps children and adults busy for hours.

Fidget Necklace by Love, Dawne

Fidgets do not have to be toys. This elegant necklace can be worn with your fingers. It is available in sterling silver and rose-gold-filled finishes.

Zen Box Fidget Set for Adults

It has been known for years that sand can be a relaxing sensation, whether you are on the beach or at a table. This Zen box was made for adults. You can keep it at your desk and, if work stress gets too overwhelming for you, roll a rock or let it slide through all your fingers.

Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

The tiny toy has only a few bolts or rings for spinning and flipping, but its fans claim it keeps them busy and helps them stop smoking and biting the nails. This toy is not recommended by younger children due to its small dimensions.

Crazy Aaron’s Putty Color

This colorful putty, designed for children but loved by all ages, gives off a satisfying squish when you squeeze, stretch, or hold it. We know of more than one adult who keeps a little bit around to calm down in anxious times.

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