Pulitzer Prize, National Magazine Award for Feature Writing won by Runner’s World.

NEW YORK – June 12, 20, 2021Hearst Magazines published the following: Runner’s world. She was awarded two prestigious awards for her work in Feature Writing: a Pulitzer Prize and a National Magazine Award. Twelve Minutes to a Life!” The tragic death of Ahmad Abery, 25, is the story in ‘”.” Debi Chirichella, President at Hearst Magazines, announced the news.

“Twelve minutes and a life,” published in Runners World‘s October/September 2020 issue by Mitchell S. Jackson. This article examines racism in the running and recounts the last twelve minutes of the young Black male’s life after he was jogging close to his home and was shot and killed.

Steve Swartz (Hearst President & Chief Executive Officer) said, “Hearst’s long history of important reporting has allowed us to tell stories that have helped our communities.” ” Runners World‘s excellent piece covering a crucial topic in the murder of Ahmad Abery is a strong example of our responsibility as journalists to share these stories. Congratulations to Mitchell S. Jackson & the Runner’s World Team on these highly-deserved honors.

Chirichella stated that these honors were a reminder of how powerful our brands are when telling stories important to audiences, including those that encourage dialogue and seek to create positive changes.

Bill Strickland, Enthusiast Group’s editorial director, said: “After 30+ years of enthusiast publishing, I am no longer shocked, but still constantly amazed at the ability of deep vertical magazines to connect audiences.” We can tell stories about the world when we combine the best editors, writers, designers, photographers, and photographers worldwide to tackle the most critical and pressing issues of our time through running.

The 2021 Pulitzer Prizes Journalism and Arts, which were chosen by the Pulitzer Prize Board, have been announced yesterday. The New York Times is among those who won, along with Star Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Pulitzer Board selected this article due to its “… profoundly affecting account of Ahmaud’s killing that combined vivid written, thorough reporting, and personal experience to illuminate America’s systemic racism.”

Thursday’s announcement of the National Magazine Awards also called the Ellies, recognized print and digital publications for their outstanding execution of editorial objectives, innovative methods, notable enterprise, and imaginative design. The Feature Writing category included finalists from Texas Monthly Magazine (Texas Monthly), The New York Times Magazine (New York), and Texas Monthly. This was among the most competitive awards this year.

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